Installation | Fire doors and fire protection gates in Berlin

Theramal protection
All measures that we take to reduce heat transfer in the area of ​​technical insulation are called thermal insulation. This plays a central role in current construction. They reduce the required amount of fuel and thus increasingly relieve our environment.

Cold protection
Cooling systems have the property of condensation forming on pipelines and system components. The resulting water causes corrosion damage, which can be reduced by cold insulation. The loss of cold due to the transport of coolant in pipelines can also be significantly reduced with elastomer insulation.

Technical insulation

Fire protection

Personal injury and damage to buildings caused by fire can be reduced through the correct use of fire-resistant insulation. Here primarily materials made of rock wool are used, which have a melting point of over 1000 ° C.

Sound insulation

All measures that reduce the minimisation of sound transmissions in the area of ​​building services are listed under the heading of sound insulation. This not only includes the penetration of dry construction and solid components, but also the insulation of system components.