Installation service of smoke and heat detectors

Our recommendation

The experts at Brandschutz Service Berlin put their trust in Gloria GmbH products when installing smoke and heat detectors. These are characterised above all by their high processing quality, functional reliability and a long service life of up to 12 years. Brandschutz Service Berlin also takes over the inspection and maintenance of your existing smoke detectors. Most manufacturers give an interval of about one year. Trust our many years of experience and invest in your security.

Save lives

In Germany around 600 people die each year in fires and around 6,000 are injured. The danger is usually not the fire, but the smoke: People suffocate in their sleep, and even a few breaths of the poisonous gas can be fatal. Therefore, the statutory obligation to install smoke detectors in flats is also commendable. The alarm wakes the residents from their sleep and they can save themselves.

In addition to the rooms in flats and houses where the installation of a smoke detector is mandatory, smoke detectors in campers or caravans can also be useful.

Heat detector

Heat detectors are also known as thermal detectors. They recognise fires through heat-sensitive sensors. If an increased temperature is detected, the alarm is triggered.

A distinction is made between thermal maximum detectors and thermal differential detectors as construction types. They are used where it is particularly smoky and dusty - smoke detectors therefore cannot react - such as in workshops or kitchens. They primarily serve to protect property, not people.