Installation | Insulations

Sectional insulation

Sectional insulation is created on pipes that are made of melting or combustible materials. In this case, only a certain length of a pipe is wrapped directly at the component feed-through on both sides by means of non-flammable, insulating half-shells made of mineral fibres. The length of the section insulation is defined and varies depending on the pipe material and dimensions.

This prevents burn-in, dripping, outgassing and the spread of fire through the component. Ventilation ducts can also be converted into ventilation ducts with resistance using pipe half-shells / insulating plates.

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is mandatory in many areas according to the Energy Saving Ordinance (ENEV). Because pipe insulation on air conditioning lines and ventilation ducts, heating lines and hot water pipes, drain pipes or drinking water pipelines not only reduces costs, but also contributes to climate protection.

Furthermore, older buildings in particular have no or only very inadequate thermal insulation. Typically, the insulating effect of the thermal insulation used, e. g. panels or mats, is far greater than that of the masonry, which practically only has a mechanical function.