Installation | Fire doors and fire protection gates in Berlin

Installation of fire doors and fire protection gates

Due to our many years of experience in dealing with fire doors and fire protection gates, we are already a reliable partner for various companies. Our company specialises in the installation of door and gate systems from Hörmann KG.

This enables us, together with our system supplier, to find individual solutions, with approval in individual cases, for our customers. Let our experts advise you today and convince yourself of our extensive range of fire doors and fire protection gates.



The difference between fire doors and protection gates lies in the size of the opening. Doors that are only labelled as “smoke control doors” are not automatically fire doors: The thermal performance is not given here.

Fire doors are usually made of steel or aluminium, but a combination of the materials is also possible. A T30 door can also contain the combustible material wood. The use of glass with a corresponding fire-resistance rating is also possible.

Building types

Fire doors in public buildings
Where there is an obligation to install fire protection doors, this is regulated in the respective state building codes, which are based on the model building regulations. Fire doors are required in public buildings, for example in long corridors.

Special fire protection requirements apply in schools and kindergartens, in hospitals and retirement homes, but also in large office buildings or hotels.

Fire doors in private buildings
In the private area, there are many occasions when a fire can break out: whether at the cooker, with the iron, near the fireplace or the stove heating, or by burning candles. The main purpose of fire doors here is to secure escape routes, to prevent or slow down the spread and to enable the fire brigade to get to the source of the fire quickly.

In the private sector, we usually install fire doors between the garage and living space or between the garage and basement, because cars, gasoline and tires are extremely flammable. Fire doors also serve the purpose of securing escape routes between the boiler room and living rooms in the event of a fire spreading around the heating system.

Fire protection gates in industrial halls
We install steel and stainless steel sliding gates as fire protection gates, which are available in single and double-winged versions. These doors can also function as smoke control doors. Smoke control doors are mainly required in industry, where life-threatening flue gases can arise. The fire protection sliding gates are also available in the version without a threshold, if small trolleys or hand trucks are to pass through the gate.

We look forward to your request for the installation of fire doors and fire protection gates - whether for public buildings, your private property or your industrial hall.

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Installation of fire doors in Berlin