Structural fire prevention

Anyone who wants to be effectively armed in the event of a fire should therefore obtain comprehensive information and be able to rely on experts who are very familiar with the German, European and other applicable standards for structural fire protection.

Fire behaviour
It is not only important to know the fire behaviour of building materials and components, but also the special features of industrial construction and smoke extraction. Questions about the arrangement, location and design of escape and rescue routes, compliance with distances of buildings, the tightness of the closures of openings and many other details such as in the area of accessibility require extensive specialist knowledge.

Our expertise and system suppliers
Thanks to their many years of experience and ongoing training, our employees at Brandschutz Service Berlin are the ideal contacts for these questions and always work on the latest legal provisions.

We pay attention to the highest quality when selecting the construction products used. We have been working together successfully for many years with our system suppliers (Hilti, Promat, Rockwool, Stöbich, Würth). This is how we guarantee structural fire protection at the highest level.

Review and adjustment
But not only the correct planning and implementation of the structural measures is essential, but also their consistent review and possible adaptation. Because only an effective fire protection can guarantee that in an emergency, damage to the structure is kept as small as possible, extinguishing work is possible without any problems - and, above all, human lives are saved. Because nothing is more important to us than your safety.