Preventive fire protection

The effects of fires can be devastating.
The German Fire Brigade Association counts around 200,000 fires per year - many of which could be avoided. Even if the worst came to the worst, fire damage could be greatly reduced. The task of preventive fire protection is to guarantee the highest possible level of safety for people and property at all times with the lowest possible risk of damage.

Cable fires
The number one cause of fire is and will remain electricity. Preventing cable fires is therefore a core area of preventive fire protection.

The correct sealing of cable openings and the professional cladding and coating of cables and cable trays is an important aspect of fire prevention. As with all of our construction projects, only high-quality fire-resistant materials are used.

But prevention in fire protection does not start with the installation with suitable materials. Only the longstanding experience of our specialists in connection with technical expertise and seamless planning make your construction project truly safe.