Fire protection monitoring report

The same applies to special measures for special constructions, e. g. Places of assembly and companies with hazardous substances. Every construction supervision is to be documented by a supervision report. At the end of the construction project, a summary report on the fire protection certificate is issued.

In this certificate, among other things, these monitoring reports are to be listed and handed over to the building owner with the certificate of commencement of use at the latest for the notification in accordance with Section 81 (2) Bauo Bln [4]. In the summary report on the fire protection certificate, among others, the relevant building supervisory usability certificates for the building products and types used in the building project (e. g. general building inspectorate approvals for fire doors, general building inspectorate test certificates for fire-resistant partition wall constructions) are to be listed.

If the defects found during the supervision of the construction work are not remedied despite a request from the fire protection test engineer, he must inform the building supervisory authority immediately.