Expansion / Reconstruction

Fire protection concept
Small modifications can have a big impact on fire protection: For example, wall openings for pipes or lines can render entire fire sections ineffective. A new use can also mean new fire hazards, which must be taken into account in the fire protection concept.

Numerous serious fire accidents in the past show that the risk of a fire is increased during reconstructions. Reasons are, for example, working with welding torches and angle grinders as well as higher fire loads from stored building materials and devices on the construction site. Employees from external companies must be instructed in the fire protection regulations. This applies to escape and rescue routes, hydrants and fire extinguishers, fire blankets, openings and fire protection barriers as well as all alarm and emergency call systems.

Important: Comprehensive documentation is required during the entire measure in order to ensure testing and maintenance in the future. Because many fire protection devices are no longer visible after the work has been completed, for example sealings and fire alarm devices in cavities.