Cuts - brandschutz service berlin

  • Wooden panels (all kinds of wooden panels)
  • PROMAT fire protection boards (calcium silicate boards)
  • AESTUVER fire protection panels (cement-bonded, glass fibre reinforced lightweight concrete panels)
  • Plasterboard (plasterboard with and without fleece reinforcement)

Prefabricated fire protection ducts
We manufacture the following prefabricated fire protection ducts for you according to the parts list:

  • Ventilation ducts made from PROMATECT sheet material
  • Smoke extraction ducts made from PROMATECT sheet material
  • Installation ducts (also available with a "loose" cover)
  • Cable ducts with functional integrity (also available with a "loose" cover)

Flexible cuts possible
Our extensive machinery enables the cutting of various panel materials and the pre-assembly of fire protection ducts of all kinds. Convince yourself of our quality and efficiency.