Fire protection Berlin

Core competencies

Our team

Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers. Thanks to our regularly trained staff, we are able to advise you in detail and competently.

Our team consists of two components: an office team and several installation teams. Team work is very important to us. Those who are in a good and strong team are often more productive, have more fun at work and are more exuberant. A good team pulls together and pursues a common goal.

References fire protection

  • construction supervision
  • conversion
  • installation
  • office and commercial buildings
  • public buildings
  • industrial buildings and special constructions

Installation of a Sealing

As a precaution, pipe seals are used that either have the same fire resistance as the room-enclosing components or go beyond that. They must be made of non-combustible building materials. More details are specified in the German "Muster-Leitungsanlagen-Richtlinie" (MLAR) (model pipe system guidelines).

The regulations for buildings in building classes 1 and 2 or within flats and within the same utilisation unit with up to 400 m² on up to two floors are less strict.

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